People’s reactions during the monsoon season are often mixed. Some people appreciate the respite from the terrible heat and the lush greenery, while others are put off by the lack of sunlight and puddles everywhere. But nothing beats the monsoon’s torrential rains, strong winds, and droplets on windows, which make for wonderful days and nights.

Showers bring happiness into our lives, but they also bring a musky odour and dismal clouds. During the monsoon season, though, residences take on a drab and desolate air. However, by using a few strategies and tips, you may make the most of the weather in your lakeview home.

During the rainy season, the first and most important requirement is to keep dirt out of your house. Rainy days bring muddy shoes, filthy water, soaked umbrellas, and raincoats. Dark-coloured jute/coir doormats can be used to conceal dirt and mud. This will keep your home dry and fresh throughout the season.

Add Colour to Living Space
With a splash of colour, you can brighten up your space. When the monsoons arrive, the weather might turn dark and affect your mood. Colours are an excellent way to liven up a room. A living room is one of the places where you spend a lot of time with your family or friends.

Colorful cushions and bed sheets, as well as bean bags, can help liven up the space. Bright colours like orange, pink, and cheerful yellow may instantly brighten and open up your home. Get some bright cushion coverings for your sofa, because colours have an affect on how we feel. Bring in fresh, vibrant design accents to break monsoon’s monotony.

Fresh Flowers/ Potted Plants
Indoor potted plants and flowers provide a splash of colour and a fragrance of freshness. They add to the rooms’ cheerfulness and optimism. Get some aromatic flowers like lilies, jasmine, roses, and more to give your home a new feel.

Valmark’s Lakeview homes make the ideal place for growing your own greens, whether indoors or outdoors. Bring in your vases and plants and position them in empty corners to give your property a classic appeal.

Perfumed Candles
The monsoon season, as much as you love it, does leave the smell of dampness behind. Light a few scented candles around the house to combat the monsoon odour. These candles are available in a variety of scents and will offer a touch of warmth to your house. Alternatives such as incense sticks and diffusers are a sure-shot approach to make your place look fresh and captivating.

Swap Curtains
Instead of thick curtains, use materials like sheer or lace that are thin enough to let light in while also being breathable. Sheer curtains give rooms a light and airy vibe.

Light Up The Corners
Dark corners enhance shadow play and create a dismal ambience in the area during the monsoons. Placing floor-standing bulbs in these locations eliminates the shadows while also providing a brightening peripheral illumination.


The above-said tips would transform your regular home decor into a vibrant, joyful, and positive space that is monsoon-ready. Don’t let the weather be a dampener to your spirits!

Blog By: Valmark Group

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