Important Points to Consider Before Buying a Home in Bangalore

Congrats on deciding to upgrade your home and move to a better neighbourhood! You’ve officially taken the first step to write a new story in your life!
However, keeping aside the excitement, it is advisable to not be hasty in finalising your home because finding a suitable house to purchase involves considering many factors. Of course, things like the locality you choose to live in Bangalore is important as not all neighbour hoods are made in the same way; but it’s also important to look at the various amenities available nearby, ease of access, safety for kids, and so on.
There are many such factors to consider before deciding upon buying a house since it can prove to be an expensive investment. Hence, it’s better to take your time and consider all the pros and cons in advance to avoid any regrets in the future!
So, without further ado, here are some important points you should consider before buying a home in Bangalore:

Finding the right locality to live in is the most important factor to think about as this is where you’ll be living for many years to come.
So, prioritize and try to check as many of these points as possible before finalizing:
1. Accessibility: Make sure to choose an area which has easy access to reputed hospitals and schools. Residential areas of Koramangala, Whitefield, Jayanagar, Basavanagudi and Indira Nagar are well-connected to commercial areas without being noisy and unpleasant. Choosing such locations will also ensure higher rates of rent and a quicker succession of tenants if you plan to lease out your home/apartment.
2. Traffic: Bangalore is known for its traffic jams and pollution. To avoid long, nightmarish commutes, it is best to get an apartment in a location close to your workplace and the areas you visit frequently. Similarly, if you have kids, reducing the commute to school would relieve extra burden and free up more time for the child to pursue extra-curricular activities.
3. Pollution: Bangalore has a high level of pollution and faces water scarcities from time to time. Consider making sure that your apartment has a good supply of water and power, and that is away from industrial and vehicular pollution.
4. Health care: While choosing a home to buy, always choose a place within 1 kilometre of a reputed hospital. Not only is this good during an emergency but also very convenient for patients who have to undergo constant monitoring and regular check-ups. Patients and especially the elderly in the house with a history of heart problems or other medical emergencies may consider living closer so that it would come in handy during an emergency.
5. Recreation: Another reason for the emphasis on location is that there are many areas in Bangalore that provide a platform for various communities to interact with each other in public spaces such as parks, shopping centres, market area, religious centres, sports complex, eateries and more. This is vital since it helps cultivate interpersonal relationships that can be key to a happy living.
6. Elderly care: If you have retired/elderly people at your home, do consider a quiet yet sociable locality. Preferably near public parks, market area, religious centres, eateries and more that offer a common public place to mingle, you can even consider researching the neighbourhood for such characteristics.
#Builder’s Reputation
The builder’s reputation matters for many reasons, here are some things to consider regarding your house’s builder before deciding to purchase it:
1. Research your builder’s works and visit a few of their projects in person to ensure quality, if the apartment/villa/house you’re interested in is undergoing construction, consider having a look at the blueprints of floor planning, measurements, dimensions and other key aspects of home design with the help of an expert.
2. It is best to choose a project from reputed builders with loads of experience and have completed their projects in the planned time, without any compromise on the quality of materials used for constructing the building.
Some Well-Known Builders in Bangalore: Apartments constructed by well-known builders such as Prestige group and others will also fetch a higher price for rent and resale value which is especially important. Trusted and renowned builders such as Purvankara, Brigade group and Green Shapes Developers are some of the most popular builders in Bangalore, and they also have various projects to choose from based on your preferences and liking.
#Reviews and Appraisal
With the help of an expert, consider doing the following:
1. Evaluate reviews: research about the neighbourhood and find out word of mouth suggestions by speaking to residents. Check for amenities like Gym, Swimming pool, Recreational Centre, etc.
2. Inspect the property: make sure that the builder has complied with every regulation and the house is as promised. Consider analysing the floor plan as inspecting the flat alone is not enough. With the help of an expert architect, get a second opinion with respect to property’s measurement and design.
3. Resale and Appreciation Value: based on many factors such as locality, facilities, builder reputation and most of the aforementioned points to be considered, you can get a fairly accurate appraisal of its resale value from a real estate agency or an expert on housing.
4. Ventilation: although Bangalore has a pleasant climate, appropriate ventilation in the house will help to easily manage a suitable temperature throughout the year.
5. Vaastu: Many people also prefer houses with good Vaastu and complying with other religious beliefs, hence making it easier to sell/rent it to others who are particular about such fine details.
#Consider Legal Help
Due to many fraudulent realtors, it is safer to hire a lawyer for this process as they will be able to prevent you from agreeing to a deceptive contract or loopholes in the contract that could cost you dearly if ignored. Lawyers are also well versed about the legality of property title deeds, legitimacy of construction and other legal documents that are extremely important to ensure ownership and quality of the house.
By thoroughly examining each of the given points you can ensure that the house you buy is in compliance with every quality of a good house. Buying a house is an investment, and like any investment you should make sure it is worth the price you pay.
The journey of buying a house doesn’t end there, it is also about reliably and safely relocating to your new house to begin a new chapter in life. Hence, it is also important to make sure you have a smooth move and get your goods transported to your new home without experiencing any of the trauma and stress of moving.
All you need to do in the meanwhile is, make plans for decorating and designing your new residence to ‘make it feel like home’.
Happy Moving!

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